Workstations & VDU Risk Assessments

Workstations & VDU Risk Assessments (also known as Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessments (DSE)) are a legal requirement under the “2007 General Application Regulations”. The law states that the Employer is required to undertake Visual Display Unit (VDU) (DSE) Assessments on all computer workstations where an employee will spend longer than 1 hour per day.

PDI can carry out risk assessments at each employee’s workstation where our assessor observes the employee in their normal work environment. Together our assessor and your employee complete a VDU risk assessment survey. The assessment will look at the workstation, the screen, the chair, position of the desk in relation to the windows, the lighting in the work area, we will discreetly identify if the employee is experiencing any pain or discomfort while using the equipment. (This will assist in meeting your legal requirement to carry out health surveillance on your employees).

Where adjustments to the work station can be made to reduce risks, they will be made immediately and these changes recorded. The assessor explains to each employee why those adjustments are required and the personal benefits. Any further recommendations are noted in the reports. Each employee receives individual advice and tuition in workstation set up. Employees are required to sign off on all reports which are also considered as training records.

The reports will then be typed up and both a typed version and the employee hand written and signed report are returned to you. These records are important to you as they demonstrate that a Risk Assessment has been carried out as required, and will also serve as a Training Record.

Typically, each assessment would take 20-30mins, this may take longer if we are able to implement the recommended controls at the time of the survey. This may also take longer if we discovered that the employee has any existing injuries or conditions so that we can establish a root cause.


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