Site Safety

There are lots of things to remember for health & safety when setting up your construction site, the list below will help you with your project.

One of the areas construction health and safety advisors look for when carrying out a site audit is how well the site office is set up and that the paperwork  is in good order. The HSE will also want to see certain items in your site office should they make a visit.

Paperwork and documentation are important, not just to comply with regulations, but also to communicate information and keep a record to document the procedures in place. Due to the nature of construction work, site offices are often set up in a hurry. Use the list below to make sure you cover all that is necessary, completing the list will help you provide a safe site for all.

Information to Display


There is information that needs to be displayed on site, right from the start of your construction project. Get it right from day one.

1. NOTICE BOARD - Get a notice board up (most likely in the site office) to display important project information to your team.

2. HEALTH & SAFETY LAW POSTER - This must be displayed in all workplaces including construction sites.

3. INSURANCE CERTIFICATES - Display these on the notice board.

4. FIRE & EMERGENCY PLAN - Display the plan in a visible place and make sure it is understood.

5. SAFETY SIGNAGE - This won't be displayed on your notice board necessarily, but suitable health & safety signs must be displayed at the site entrance, perimeter and around the site.

6. F10 - Under CDM notifiable projects need to have an F10 submitted to the HSE, and it must be displayed on site.

Safe Methods of Work

You need to have your activities planned so they are carried out safely. You might not have documentation for the entire duration of the project ready at site set up, but you will at least need to be prepared for the first tasks that will take place.

1.  RISK ASSESSMENTS - Need to be in place for all activities on site (it's the law)

2. METHOD STATEMENTS - Safe working procedures should be documented for high risk or complex activities.

3. PERMITS to WORK - Are used to control high risk activities on site.

Management Documents

There are project documents you are going to need on every construction project. Get them in place as part of your site set up.



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